Terms and conditions of using luggage storage in Lviv

11 ноября 2019, 13:11 |

Luggage storage Lviv is a popular service, which is now presented not only at railway stations and other transportation routes, but also in the city. People who came to Lviv, and the townspeople themselves, can use the service at any convenient time, rather than wearing heavy luggage. Probably everyone who was a frequent guest of bus stations and railway stations had to use a storage room. A person can simply leave his luggage safe and walk along the old streets while waiting for his flight.

Baggage claim and storage conditions

To hand over things to a luggage storage it is required to adhere to certain conditions. Consider the features of using baggage storage services:

  • Baggage can be checked in any shape. For example, if you have a small bag or just a plastic bag, it does not matter. Moreover, many things can be accepted even without packaging. This applies to outerwear, shoes (provided that it is not dirty), as well as bicycles. Bulk and liquid products must also be securely packaged.
  • Do not hand over animals or things with a strong odor. The storage of dangerous items such as weapons, explosives and poisons is also prohibited.
  • The maximum allowable weight of one piece of baggage must not exceed 80 kg. If the weight is greater, you will have to remove another camera, distributing the luggage into two compartments.
  • Each item, if it is not packed in a general bag, is considered a separate unit, so you need to pay for it separately.
  • You need to pay for storage at the time of the transfer of things. The time for which things are checked in is 24 hours from the moment of baggage transfer.
  • For registration, you must tell the name, phone number by which you can contact the owner of the luggage, as well as the approximate time when a person picks up his things.

When things are handed over and all the person’s data is entered in the registration journal, they are given a token with a number. This token will allow later identification of luggage owners and they will be returned items. It is enough to present a token and put a signature in the magazine.

Often there are situations when the token is lost. For example, during a walk, he fell out of his pocket or was left in a cafe. If there is no token, nothing bad happened and things can be returned. To do this, you need to show a passport and describe the luggage that is in the camera. Then things will be given on receipt. True, to compensate for the loss, you need to pay a small fine - 50 hryvnia.

What to do if you find a lack of things

All things are kept under careful protection, but if a loss was discovered, you will need to follow a certain sequence of actions:

  • check the availability of all things before the signature is put in the register;
  • A claim must be made in the presence of the police and the owner of the locker;
  • Records from CCTV cameras should be used to confirm the loss.

Not compensated for theft through the fault of third parties, damage to luggage due to fires, floods, etc. So, coming to Lviv, you should take into account that carrying luggage with you is not necessary. It is much more convenient and safer to leave it in a storage room.

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