Reliable solution to manage SMS traffic providers

3 апреля 2021, 09:44 |
SMS messages are ubiquitous and used by billions of people around the world.
Reliable solution to manage SMS traffic providers


A comprehensive solution for aggregators is worldwide SMS gateway. If you're looking for a supremely reliable solution to manage your SMS traffic providers while optimizing your costs and quality of service along the way, then check out the full suite of user-friendly features of our platform. High scalability is important. Throughput up to 10k messages per second.


The best way to start

We offer:

  • SMPP and HTTP connectivity
  • Flexible traffic
  • Quick sending

Flexible traffic routing is the way to ensure that SMS is delivered in a short time. Fine-tuning routes according to their delivery speed, average quality and any existing restrictions. Accurate cost analytics are needed to forecast your budget. Determine the best prices on the market, considering both the quality of the route and the speed of delivery.

Smart built-in billing is the highlight of the system. With real-time traffic prices and currency surges, the key to successful communication is our platform. SMS messages are ubiquitous and used by billions of people around the world. People understand this and feel comfortable receiving SMS.


Properties of the cannel

The channel creates a sense of urgency that neither email nor social media can touch. Every mobile device with SIM card support has the ability to receive SMS. Quickly and easily create and send text messages over the Internet. There is no need to download or install additional software. Just register with us online, upload the contact information for the recipients of the message, define the task and you are ready to start.


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